Ranger 620/621/622 Transducer Mounting Board
Ranger 620/621/622 Transducer Mounting Board
Ranger 620/621/622 Transducer Mounting Board

Ranger 620/621/622 Transducer Mounting Board

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Introducing our Heavy Duty transducer mounting boards for the current Ranger 620/621/622 (Possibly others but please confirm your hull dimensions with those of the board in the dimensional picture below!)


A mounting board that's as indestructible as our mounts, with features not found on anyone else's! The biggest issue I see with today's large and expensive transducers is that installers are using 5/8" or 3/4" thick mounting boards which limits screw engagement to only 5/8" if using a 3/4" screw!! That isn't a lot of screw holding onto to a $300+ transducer and some well over $1000!!!

Our boards are made 1" thick black HDPE plastic and are Non-UV sensitive meaning they will never fade or crack from the sunlight. These boards will allow the use of a 1" long mounting screws (available on our website also.....sku# RTR515 ) which will make for a rock solid mounting! Also the boards have an added feature, the rear side of the board has a grooved inset perimeter...what this does is allows the installer to add a liberal amount of silicone or adhesive like 3M's 5200 to the center area and the silicone will fill the grove before pushing out the outer edge of the board making for a very clean install! The grove also creates a nice gasket for better water proofing!

RyTek Marine recommends the use of a high quality Pure Silicone ("Marine Grade" or 100%).   An installer can use 3M5200 or similar BUT Pure silicone has much better sealing properties and adheres perfectly to the HDPE for a life long leak free installation! AND is much easier to clean up if you have squeeze out!  With our transducer boards being applied and held by a mechanical fastener (Screws) 100% Silicone is the deal product to use for the installation of our transducer boards in both Fresh & Salt water!

#12 x 1.5" Stainless Steel screws are supplied for attaching the transducer board to the hull!