LVS34 LiveScope "Perspective Only" Transducer mount Combo
LVS34 LiveScope "Perspective Only" Transducer mount Combo

LVS34 LiveScope "Perspective Only" Transducer mount Combo

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Introducing our RTG3644 Series LiveScope LVS34 "Perspective Only" Transducer Mount Combo.   This "Perspective Only" transducer mount for those wanting to run two LiveScope transducers on their Trolling Motor or Pole Mount and want to have one dedicated transducer for "Perspective Only".

The RTG3644 Series has all the great features of our RTG3634 transducer mounts only the mount does not have the 2nd twist "Joint" which allows the transducer to be put into Down/Forward. This allows for a much more compact setup while allowing for infinite angle adjustability in Perspective mode! The RTG3644 Series also has a very compact connecting rod that fastens to the shaft of your trolling motor or your transducer pole and has a quick disconnect pin that allows the removal of the transducer quickly and easily! 

*****The mount works in conjunction with the factory black toothed insert on the factory mount. If you do not have the factory pieces these are available separately on the 3600 Series Page*****

The RTG3644works ONLY WITH Non-Sliding shaft trolling motors such as the Ultrex, Ghost,Force or similar or a Pole Mount (with the same shaft OD as the trolling motors mentioned above....on a smaller shaft many have built up the shaft OD with a rubber bushing or electrical tape which works great!)

RTG3600 Series Introduction Video-

LVS34 Installation video -