Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 Transom Mounted Transducer Bracket

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RTL-HD1000 is a direct replacement for the factory stamped steel bracket for the Lowrance Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 transom mounted transducers.


Our RTL-HD1000 transducer mount is available in two options. 

-RTL-HD1000-E has an upper mounting bracket matching the hole slot width of the           "All New" factory bracket for the HD 3in1/2in1 transducers with a slot spacing of             16mm/.630" (this is an all new spacing and does not match any previous transducer         mounts in the Lowrance Line Up)

-RTL-HD1000-B has an upper mounting bracket matching the hole slot with of all             other Lowrance transducers (everything exept the "New" HD) with a slot spacing of         22.5mm/.886".  This slot spacing of the RTL-HD1000-B will allow you to run the new         HD 3in1/2in1 without needing to drill any more holes in your hull if you have                   previously ran Lowrance products OR Garmin products which have the same spacing       as the original Lowrance transducers!

Our RTL-HD1000 transducer mounts have many great features like the entire lineup of RyTek Marine transom mounts.

-Constructed out of .120" 304 Stainless steel (the factory mount is half the thickness at .0600") and high quality Stainless Steel fasteners, our mounts not only look great and work even better....but they are basically indestructible!!!!

-With almost 1" more vertical travel than the factory mount, it allows you to have a           much wider range of adjustment for fine tuning without the need to drill new holes         in your hull if changes need to be made! 

-Infinite angle adjust-ability with our heavy 3/8" Stainless bolt and our pinch tube             system, you can quickly and easily set of your transducer

-Proper cable management with our Grommet System keeps your cable secure and in   place without the need for Tie-Straps!!!! 

Additional height Upper Mounts are available to give 1/2" lowering to 3/4" of additional height and are available in the Transducer Bracket Accessories page 

Mount comes as shown in photo's below! You must re-use your existing mounting hardware and the transducer mounting screws/washers. Hardware kits are also available on the Transducer Accessories page.

We also now produce our RTM7000 Slip cover made for the RTL-HD1000 Transducer mount! Find it here