LiveScope LVS32 Multi-View Transducer "Pole Mount"
LiveScope LVS32 Multi-View Transducer "Pole Mount"
LiveScope LVS32 Multi-View Transducer "Pole Mount"

LiveScope LVS32 Multi-View Transducer "Pole Mount"

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Introducing out new Garmin LiveScope LVS32 Multi-View Transducer Pole Mount. 

The RTG3600 mount only works with the LVS32 transducer BUT by swapping out the actual transducer adapter on the bottom of the mount to the LVS34 style  (will be available as soon as I get a transducer to confirm angles and the adapter) you will be able to replace the adapter and lower domed indicator decal and then be able to use the mount with the can also swap out the adapter and decals to the Lowrance model if you were ever to want to...thus saving you money or needing to buy a hole new mount!!!  

****The Stub end of the transducer mount that inserts into the Pole Mount is .855 inches in diameter. For those with Pole Mounts of a different size inside diameter, custom sleeves (RTM3660) are available in various sizes******

With nearly 12 months of R&D we have come up with the most Functional, Tool Free LiveScope LVS32 transducer mount on the market!!!!

Constructed entirely out of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel, it is not only indestructible in normal fishing conditions but will take pretty well anything you can throw at it!!!   With its CNC machined Aluminum Body that is fully Anodized and Stainless Steel transducer attachment point, it is perfectly suited for the most even the most extreme use!

The LVS Multi-View transducer mount allows the user to quickly use all three views (Down, Forward & Perspective) without the use of tools or knobs to fool around with!!! With its Infinite Angle Adjustment in all 3 views the mount allows for quickly and easily adjusting and fine tuning for different water depths and scenario's you get into out on the water!!! 

The #1 feature of our new RTG3600 Multi-View mount is how quickly you change from Down/Forward View to Perspective View in basically the flick of your wrist! Pull, Twist and Let Go is all that is needed from switching Into and Back from Perspective View!!! 

With simple to read and understand "Transducer View" color coordinated indicators at factory angle settings, you can quickly and easily go from Down to Forward and then to Perspective knowing exactly where you want to run the angle of the transducer! The color coordinated indicators also allow you to run the transducer at angles other than the "factory" settings which is especially useful in Perspective View! but also very beneficial on Forward View and even Down View!!

The other major feature of our RTG3600 Multi-View mount is how quickly it can detach from from your pole mount and either store separately during transportation OR quickly mount on your Trolling Motor in conjunction with our Trolling Motor Connecting Rod (purchased separately OR can be purchased in Kit form with both the Transducer Mount and Connecting Rod)

Please watch our YouTube Video's below for installing your 3600 Series transducer onto our Multi-View Mount and how to quickly adapt it to your Pole Mount or Trolling Motor!!!

Lifetime Warrantee for any of the machined aluminum or stainless steel parts!!! Hardware and decals are excluded as they are "wear" items but affordably priced as replacement items! Hardware re-build kits are also available. 

Patent Pending

*****The RTG3600 is designed to work only in the Starboard configuration (Cable facing forward) This allows much less movement on the transducer cable and prevents kinking and twisting of the cable like the factory mount causes!!!*****

*****If you are using a "Turret" style trolling motor mount, you will need to figure out the amount of swing distance from the center of the turret pole to trolling motor shaft. You will also need to review the amount of "degree's of travel rotation" and make sure the RTG3600 Multi-View Mount will not make contact with your pole.  The RTG3600 Multi-View Mount requires 5" of "Swing in Forward View and aprox 7-5/8" in Perspective view....If you are running the mount on a Turret style pole you will need to make sure the Trolling Motor shaft is in the "dead zone" area rotation (call me if you need to discuss your application!) *****

****It is advisable if fishing in dirty/muddy water to spray off the transducer mount in the area of the main pivot joint and twist joint with clean water after use in order to prevent premature wear to the rebuildable joints****